The Pakistani Education System: Churning out Robots

You probably know what the Pakistani Education System is like already if you remember being forced to write the life story of Allama Iqbal and an essay on “My school”, year after horrible year, from the first grade till graduation. It was always about where the philosopher poet got his “ibtidai taleem” from and how he dreamt of a separate Muslim Homeland.  I don’t know about the rest of you,

Make the Internet a Kid-Friendly Place For Your Young Ones

In this day and age, children have more access to the internet than we busy adults do and that is absolutely acceptable as long as we know how to keep a smart eye on their activities and the websites they choose to frequent. In order to maintain the safety and accessibility of such domains, one should always check the personal information given on every website. Read the privacy statement and

Pornography in Pakistan: Free for All!

Thank you all those who have clicked on this article! My job is to write articles that attract people and get the maximum number of clicks.  ;) And think about it…. all I had to do was to pick a title with the word ‘pornography’ in it and VOILA!!! The endless clicks start. Don’t worry bro (or sis)! It’s not just you. This is the dilemma of our beloved nation,

Leading the Education System to Failure

Education is said to be the foundation of a successful society. In a country where ghost schools are sometimes more commonly seen than functional schools, corruption in the education sector has become a major issue and one which needs to be addressed without delay. There are so many problems plaguing Pakistan’s schools and universities anyone who takes on the challenge would be hard pressed to find a starting point. However,