The 14 Struggles of Having Guests Over

Hospitality is an extremely important part of Pakistani society and culture, and oh how you wish it weren’t! Every time you’re due to have some guests over, certain struggles ensue to make your antisocial self hate people more, if that’s even possible. Below are just a few of the events that occur when company decides to show up: 1. You’ll try your best to slip out of sight 2. You will invariably

16 signs you’re doing Eid right

1. Day off! Read: week off!  2. Your outfit of the day is on point 3. You extract cash for simply existing Seriously, bring out the dough. 4. And some of that dough goes to charity too Time to do good unto the universe! 5. All diet plans go out the window 6. And the menu is limited to the good stuff 7. It’s diabetes galore But does it matter? 8.

10 Things Pakistan Does Best

1) You visit/live in Pakistan and you don’t try a paan? Impossible. Now I’m not saying that one has to get addicted to it, but there won’t be much harm in trying it at least once, right? Try it. You’ll know how good it tastes then. 2) In a country with paan kiosks scattered around, how can one possibly miss the paan-stained pavements or corners? They chew, take in the