16th December, 2014 – Truly a black day for Pakistan.

A day where even the remotest possibility of these terrorists being humans was eliminated; day where humanity was at its lowest and barbarism was at its height; a day where Pakistan lost some of its most valuable treasures.

But if you think about it, it was also a black day when a few years ago there was a huge blast in a market in Peshawar, killing hundreds; it was also a black day when the same thing happened in a market in Lahore. A few years ago, if you remember approximately 500 people were killed in Karachi in the month of Ramadan. The whole month of worship was painted with blood.

The response by our government and armed forces is the same every time. We will kill them! We will finish them! They launch operations after operations and still after a few months there is another heinous attack.

After every attack there is news that a couple of high ranking terrorists have been killed. Even after Tuesday’s attack there has been news that a wanted TTP high ranking terrorist was killed. Why in the world wasn’t this guy killed before this gruesome attack?!!

There is however another aspect of this drill that we generally don’t discuss. Yes, the TTP’s tactics are inhuman. The outfit is barbaric and misguided, but how do they manage to carry out such elaborate attacks on sensitive installations?

Even if they are backed by RAW, MOSSAD, or the CIA, there has to be an insider, a Pakistani who has sold his/her soul to these people. Someone who is one of us, or at least pretends to be, but helps the terrorists to attack us. These are the people that are the real terrorists. They are killing us from the inside.

Getting into the airbase in Karachi or the airport, that could not have been accomplished without inside help that is for sure. How come the school attackers chose to attack the very day that there was a seminar being conducted in the auditorium making the kids an easier target. Remember the doctor who helped Americans violate our sovereignty?

A prime example of this is the recent case where the ARY News team was able to buy and transport illegals guns, bomb making equipment, drugs and alcohol from Karachi to Lahore just by bribing the railway officials. The officials didn’t care who booked them and what they were being used for. It could be terrorists that were transporting these things but they were completely oblivious and only wanted money.

Yes, going after the TTP in the rural areas is a strategy, but what about these people who have contaminated us from the inside.

It is very easy just to point one finger at what’s wrong, but we need to realize – as a nation – that the remaining four fingers are pointing towards ourselves and it is us that are helping these terrorist achieve their goals.