So my Misbah haters, what do you say now? Everyone who knows me knows that I have always admired Misbah for his contribution to Pakistani Cricket.

It was him who steered the country out of the 2010 spot fixing disaster. It is him who has led the team on most occasions when the team was not playing on home soil.

And during all this turbulence he was performing. He was the one making runs when the rest of team went through one collapse after another.

People called him tuk-tuk and blamed him for all the losses. I for one never blamed him because I could see, and I still believe, that it was the incompetence of the players, lack of proper domestic cricket and internal politics that were to blame.

Now I have finally been proven right and Misbah has silenced all his critics. Misbah has now become the most successful test captain Pakistan has ever had. With 15 wins he has surpassed Imran Khan and Javed Miandad’s record of 14 wins each. Not just this, he also led the team to a test series win against Australia after 20 years and not just a series win but a series whitewash.

And it’s not like he didn’t contribute in these wins; his performance has been steady including the fastest century in test cricket EVER!

“It sounds great, because you could say the names – Imran Khan, Javed Miandad those are the greats of Pakistan. But if I am at the top, it’s something I could not really think of,” Misbah said. “It’s great to know that. I am happy about that.”

People who used to criticize Misbah are today full of praise. They have also finally realized his contribution to Pakistani cricket.

What is fascinating about his reign is that since 2009 Pakistan has not played on home soil. It is in-fact amazing that Misbah has never led the Pakistani team in a test on home soil and is still the most successful Pakistani test captain.

According to former captain Rashid Latif, “… He (Misbah) has led Pakistan in an admirable manner… He deserves the highest civil award of Pakistan for setting the team on a path of recovery and to greatness.”

Even if you look at Misbah’s ODI record, he has a healthy average of ~43 and a strike rate of ~73. Much better than a strike rate of above hundred and an average of 23. What use is that?! Oh! and that’s Shahid Afridi I am talking about by the way, if you didn’t get the hint.

Yes, he scores slowly but he scores, so what if he is old school? I still say that Misbah is the best bet for ODIs till the world cup.

Misbah has never responded to the harsh criticism he has faced off the field. “As for my critics I never get distracted, because they have a job and I have a job, whoever does it well will be remembered.” He says.

Misbah has rightfully earned his place in history and I pray and hope that he wins the world cup for us next year two.