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Time For Pakistan To Stop Being Apologetic

Terrorism, mounting debt, inter-communal strife, etc. Yes, Pakistan has it all, but it is not the only country facing such circumstances. No one could have imagined that the second millennium would witness the drastic re-shaping of global geopolitics. The security scenario post 9/11 brought about the emergence of a joint US-NATO (Pacific-Atlantic)-dominated war establishment that, to this day, dictates the ‘acceptables’ and ‘unacceptables’ of regional engagements. A recent exception, however,

Growing Pakistan Economy

In absolute dollar terms, Pakistan’s economy is 27th largest in the world. The semi-industrialized economy encompasses textiles, chemicals, food, and agriculture. Karachi and Punjab’s urban centers are home to diversified economies. Past internal politics, population booms, and confrontation with India has taken its toll on the economy in past decades. The recent government policies, foreign investment, and access to global markets have positively poised the country. Pakistan has seen solid