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Pakistani Students’ Achievements 2012

This year has been great for Pakistan as far as International Competitions and science projects are concerned as a number of students from across the country bring home the accolades in fields ranging from debates and film-making to math Olympiads and scientific research. Here’s a quick list of the events: International Science Olympiad The team from Pakistan brought home silver, four bronze medals and two honorable mentions after competing with

Karachi – Where Living is Learning

One of my favorite “Learning moment” memories: my seven year old comes running indoors to tell me how he just saw a grazing goat suddenly have something fall from within it, then a shepherd lifted the “thing” up cleaned it up and as it shivered in his arms my little boy suddenly realized; the goat had just given birth! Right there on the street! She then ate a little more

Beyond Doctors and Engineers: Pakistani Youth Needs to Decide

Somebody from outside Pakistan, and especially those belonging to the fortunate strata of the world, might find it odd that the decisions for youngsters in this country are made by the elders of the family. This does not translate into the minor decisions alone; it’s just not the clothes they wear or the life style they adopt, it goes beyond the small things to major decisions like what to do