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Dual Devastation

Politics in Pakistan is plagued with corruption, nepotism, self interest and several multi dimensional aspects of immoral practices, but this is high time we recognize that religion in Pakistan is equally plagued with Politics and Politicians. Since more than a decade the social divide based on religious grounds have widened to a large degree, while there is less than no doubt about the political elite adapting to self-inclined religious narratives

Educate your girl child. Period.

In 2014, a report by Alif Ailaan ‘25 million broken promises’ released that 13.7 million (55%) girls are out-of-school in Pakistan. According the report, the reasons were: · Parents do not allow · Child not willing · Education is expensive · School is too far · Had to work at home · Too young/old to attend · Ill/Handicapped · Had to work for a living Now that it is 2015,

Few Simple Points to Keep in Mind for Excellence While Studying at College

College days are that time of life which nobody wants to miss out on. Everyone wishes to make the most out of them in terms of learning, fun and overall experience with friends, teachers and others around. College days are to be spent in most useful manner possible as this time never returns again. Here are few points that a student should keep in mind while trying your best to