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Pakistan Air Force is set to take part in US drill alongside UAE, Israel jets

The Pakistan Air Force is set to participate in an extensive aerial exercise in the United States later this month. According to the reports, teams from United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel air forces will also be taking part in the Red Flag air-to-air combat exercise in Nevada. The Aviationist, website devoted to reports on military aviation, stated that 6 Pakistani combat jets had already arrived in US. Moreover, it

Pakistan Air Force C-130 Aircraft wins an award in UK

On 10th July 2016, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) C-130 Hercules transport aircraft won the Concours D’ Elegance trophy at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) show at Royal Air Force (RAF) Fairford which was held in UK. Over 200 aircrafts from 50 different countries participated in the event and exhibited some great performances but PAF outshone everyone to win the trophy in the end. The competition is one of UK’s

PAF’s Anti-Terrorist Training in Context of Indian Aggression

226 personnel including 166 airmen and 5 female commandos of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) completed the basic anti-terrorist training course in Kallar Kahar on December 22. These men and women are part of the PAF’s erstwhile 312th Special Service Wing, now known just as Special Service Wing (SSW) which has somewhere around 1500 commandos for quick deployment as and when required. It is a comparatively new special operations service component

A Pakistani Fighter Pilot’s Dream and Future Role of PAF

The following is a concise English translation of Urdu excerpts from a book called ‘Shajar Haye Saaya Daar’. The author, Syeda Humera Maududi, is daughter of the world renowned late Muslim scholar Syed Abul Aa’la Maududi. ****** In 1978, I (Humera Maududi) had returned to Lahore from Jeddah to spend summer vacations with my family when this strange incident occurred: It so happened that after Maghrib prayers, two Squadron Leaders