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Funds delay for NACTA an insult to the people of Pakistan

According to statistics updated on June 14, 2015 by the South Asia Terrorism Portal (SATA), almost 58,055 Pakistanis (civilians and military personnel) have lost their lives to terrorism since 2003. This means that around 4,838 people were killed per year on an average. These figures reflect the next-to-none assurance of human security in a country that has played the role of a frontline state in the so-called War on Terrorism.

What Does the New Budget Hold for ME?

Everybody knows that Pakistan has had an acute energy crisis for the past four years. All we get are tall claims and no results at all. And – not surprisingly – the budget doesn’t address this area as it should have! Growth has been persistently low. This coupled with the ever-increasing youth population of the country is taking the unemployment problem to a whole new level (not to mention the