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Reqo Diq: Its History and Future Prospects

Who would have imagined discovering another natural resource from the depths of Baluchistan? Well Reko Diq begs to differ. Reko Diq is an international standard copper and gold reserve in district Chagai of Baluchistan. The evaluations by enthusiasts and foreign companies alike mention of an un-mined and untouched reserve of exquisite metallic minerals at a worth of amid $250bn to $500bn. A venture that belittles the already running Sui Gas

Reko Diq: A Goldmine of Opportunities or Intrigue?

Pakistan is enviably rich when it comes to mineral resources as it possesses both a wide variety and a plentiful amount of the most sought after goods that mother nature has to offer. Due to the widely varied topography, the country’s assets range from widespread limestone and valuable natural gas resources to barely explored gold and ample coal deposits. Because of their largely untapped potential and high quality, Pakistan’s mineral