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Kaghan Valley – Heaven on Earth!

Pakistan is abundant with natural beauty. And one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan is the Kaghan valley. For me, if heaven were located on earth, then – besides Kashmir – Kaghan valley would be it! Kaghan is named after the town of Kaghan that lies within it and is also known as the valley of lakes. The Dudipatsar, Lulusar and Saiful Muluk (the most popular) lakes are some

Five Must-Visit Locations in Pakistan

“If there were 3 places in Pakistan you would recommend for travel, which ones would they be? And why?” More than twenty people in my network (which I believe to be broad-based) were asked this common question. This Miss Universe Pageant/Contest approach to a travel poll did wonders! People virtually dove in to vote for their favorite locations in Pakistan. ‘Heaven on Earth’ ‘A meet with the clouds’ ‘A rendezvous