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Pakistan Unable to Clinch the Seven Nation Snooker Championship

A seven nation snooker championship successfully concluded in Pakistan on March 9, 2012.  The international event commenced on March 4 with prize money of $2000 for the first place and $1000 for the runner up.  The championship included players from Pakistan, India, Iran, Thailand, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain.  It was a very well planned and organized event with 20 players from seven nations. A Breakdown of The Players The Pakistani

Shaping the Future of Snooker in Pakistan

Pool halls scattered around the big cities in Pakistan are considered by many a nuisance where the youth waste their precious time.  This assertion is true to some extent, but there is another side to these joints.  The pool/snooker parlors are also acting as nurseries for budding players of a sport that is on the rise in Pakistan and has brought home two amateur world championships and several other top