Pakistani or not, everyone has heard of Karachi nowadays. Karachi is in the news as often as Beirut was a few years back.

Many folks are wary of going to Karachi and try avoiding it like the plague. If they do end up in Karachi, they are given strict instructions:

  1. Stay indoors and don’t go out too much!
  2. If you do need to go out, stay in the “good” areas
  3. Avoid going out at night
  4. Avoid carrying an expensive phone

Fine! Granted we all need to take some precautions in a bussling city like Karachi, but – as most Karachiites will tell you – things really aren’t that bad!

Karachi – the Place to Be!

My Karachi is a fun place to be! There are places that will amaze even the most prolific of travelers.

Here are five places that you should definitely visit the next time you are in Karachi!

West Wharf Fisheries

I don’t know what the exact name of the fishery is, but most Karachiites just call it ‘West Wharf’. This is a fish lover’s heaven! This is where the fishermen bring in their catch every morning to sell to eager buyers.

Wandering around West Wharf, you get to see every kind of sea creature that Pakistan’s coast has to offer, including baby sharks!

However, if you’re really in the mood to get a good deal on fish, better get there really early in the morning!


Another hidden Jewel in Karachi is Manora, an Island just off Kemari. Manora has a beach similar to Clifton, but the journey to it adds to the excitement.

To get to it you have to take an open air boat overflowing with people from Kemari. Once at Manora, you then walk through a village of sorts and some navy controlled areas to get to the beach. During the walk you get to enjoy the site of some really old buildings and also an abandoned Hindu temple. Manora is home to a naval academy and a naval base too.

Quaid e Azam House

This is the house where Mr. Jinnah resided for approximately a year, before his death. This amazing treasure is located right in the middle of the city, at the corner of Metropole roundabout, next to Mehran hotel. Easily accessible via Shara-e-Faisal, the mansion is a must visit.

The mansion is still well maintained with relics of Mr. Jinnah and his sister on display for eager visitors to see.

With its lush gardens and pathways, the Jinnah mansion transports you back to the era of Azaadi!


Yes, Sindbad! For people with kids this is an amazing place. Okay, it’s nothing like Disneyland or Universal Studios, but decent entertainment nonetheless. Just off NIPA, it is also very easy to get to.

Sindbad’s rides include the timeless, stomach-churning pirate ship; a merry-go-round; and the ever popular ride that spins and spins and spins… and then spins some more!

To really enjoy Sindbad, gather a couple of families and go, I guarantee you and your young children will have a blast.

Burns Road

Forget Ghaffar or Zameer Ansari or “do-dariya”! If you want real desi food, Burns Road is the place!

The original Food-Street caters to the taste buds of the true desis. Kebab, Nihari, Rabri, tikka, you name it and it’s there. The best time to go Burns Road for an unforgettable treat is nighttime, else you will get stuck in a traffic jam that you also will never forget!