Pak Suzuki increases car prices up to PKR 100,000

Amid rising demand of local car brands in the country, Pak Suzuki Motors has increased it’s per unit vehicle prices in the range of PKR 25,000-100,000. This price hike will partially offset the negative impact of Yen appreciation against rupee and improve company’s profitability. According to the latest numbers, Suzuki notified its current price chart showing a minimum increase of PKR 20,000 and a maximum raise of PKR 103,000 per

KPK government set to launch solar and electric rickshaws in Peshawar

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government has decided to introduce energy efficient and carbon-neutral solar and electric rickshaws across Peshawar. The concept of launching these rickshaws on the roads is to shrink the increasing environmental pollution. KPK transport department secretary, Hamid Gigyani stated that the government is targeting to reduce the menace of pollution. While talking to a private news channel, he also stated Peshawar is densely polluted and that is

Honda Civic 2016 is launched with serious quality defects

The new model of Honda Civic 2016 was recently unveiled and there was plenty of buzz around it. The reason of the hype was the brand new design and heaps of internal improvements. However, the feedback from the general public is not satisfying as many customers have reservations about the build quality of the car. It has been reported that new Honda Civic 2016 is launched with some serious flaws.

These future cars will grace the roads with their presence

As time goes by, we see different models of cars on the roads. However, there are plenty of future cars that are yet to be seen on the roads but there is already plenty of buzz about them. We have identified 5 tech-savvy concept cars that are super-fast, highly efficient and classy in their own way. 1- BMW Vision Next 100 BMW’s Vision Next 100 concept car is developed as

Auto imports reach record Rs. 75 billion during 2015-16

According to official numbers, imports of used cars have reached Rs.75 billion during the outgoing fiscal year. This year, 53,600 units were sold versus 32,100 units last year, reaching its all-time high. Nonetheless, the implications of rising imports are not encouraging, putting extensive pressure on country’s trade balance. Pakistan’s auto sales of locally produced cars have seen a huge jump of 17% during fiscal year 2015-16 on a yearly basis.

Gwadar China oil pipeline underway: Future looks promising

Pakistan is all set to initiate an oil pipeline project spanning from Gwadar to China primarily to export crude oil. The task of construction and development has been assigned to Frontier Works Organization. The ultimate beneficiary of this project is going to be China as it will allow them to reap the benefits of diversification in their imports. Since the pipeline will start from Gwadar and penetrate into Western China

Gwadar to become next Dubai on world map, says Chinese Media

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has made the bond between two countries stronger than ever. According to Chinese media, Gwadar is emerging on the world map as next Dubai. There will be some massive changes economy-wise not only for the Pakistan but it will also benefit whole region. Gwadar is a town in the outskirts of Balochistan. It is a town with a population of less than 0.1 million. Since 1947,

CPEC will enable Pakistan to become the Gateway for South Asia

There has been a power shift globally due to some major changes in the strategic strengths of many Asian economies spanning across Asia, United States, and Russia. There has been a lot of hue and cry regarding the recent involvement of Pakistan and China with China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) being an enabling factor to boost strong alliance between the two. In the recent meeting addressing the ruling elite of

Money involved in real estate business to be brought in the tax net, says PM Adviser

One of the safest avenues to convert black money into white is to invest the money into real estate business, especially in Pakistan. However, the trend is going to get a massive hit as real estate will no longer be a benign shelter for black money after the passage of the finance bill recently, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Revenue, Haroon Akhtar Khan said. While talking to a private

Money Stacking by Pakistanis exceeds India in Swiss Banks

Although soaring Swiss accounts held by Pakistanis is not a novel idea but there has been an upsurge in these numbers which raises an eyebrow amid rising crackdown against unofficial money and stringent regulatory policies in the recent past. Going against the world wide trend, money stacking in Central Swiss Bank by Pakistani nationals has jumped up by 16 percent reaching a swooping figure of 1.5 billion francs almost exceeding