Real Estate, Employment to be benefitted in Pakistan from China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a mega project of $46 billion taking the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and China to new heights. The project is the beginning of a journey of prosperity of Pakistan and China’s Xinjiang. The completion date is somewhat really close. Once finished, it would be a great tonic for both China and Pakistan. It has not been easy executing the plan since there were plenty of

Procedure of booking Honda Civic 2016 through bank is explained

There has been plenty of buzz around the recently unveiled Honda Civic 2016 that has already seen record number of booking already. It prompted dealers to cease the bookings for a brief period before restoring it again for the general public. Since Honda Civic 2016 reservations are on the rise, applying for the newly revealed car through a bank is explained. The procedure is quite simple; however, it varies from

Russia and Pakistan eager to make their trade bond stronger

Pakistan has been in the limelight for all the good reasons especially when it comes to building relations with foreign countries or foreign investment in the country. China has always proved to be a pivotal player in all these developments along with various other countries. However, this time Russia is really looking forward and is keen to strengthen trade ties with Pakistan. Counsel General of the Russian Federation, Mr. Oleg

Chinese investors eyeing Steel and Power sectors of Pakistan

Although much has been talked about the decade long alliance between the two neighboring countries I.e. Pakistan and China but their bond has strengthened further after the recent visit of Chinese president and primarily China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). These agreements have opened many doors for the two nations to grow economically and also expand their trade opportunities. Both offer tremendous opportunities which can work wonders for each country collaboratively.

Chinese halal food market opening its doors for Pakistan

In their efforts to foster their trade agreements with many South Asian countries Chinese officials recently announced a lucrative opportunity for many Asian economies to boost their exports to China. Being one the largest consumer markets in the world; China offers tremendous gateways as it has huge local demand which cannot be met with domestic production. Ye Anping, Director for Asia and African Affairs, Department of International, Ministry of Agriculuture,

Evolution of Pakistani Currency since 1947

When Pakistan came into existence on 14th August 1947, it did not have its own currency. Instead, Indian currency notes were used by Pakistan which were over-stamped with ‘Government of Pakistan’ title. The Reserve Bank of India acted as the common currency authority for India and Pakistan until 30th September 1948 to allow a cushion period for 13 months for the newly born state, Pakistan, to issue its own currency.

Guidelines for booking and pricing revealed for Honda Civic 2016

Ever since Honda Civic 2016 has made its mark, there has been plenty of buzz in the air about the same. There are speculations. There are rumors. There is strong anticipation among car enthusiasts. The public response for Honda Civic 2016 so far has been immense and the dealers did not anticipate the demand projected and exhibited by car lovers. According to a report from Honda City Sales Department, a

Sneak peak of Honda Civic 2016 for Pakistani car enthusiasts

BIGGER! BETTER! PRETTIER?? Impressive features, drastic changes and a revamped shape are just a few words to describe the much anticipated model of new Honda Civic 2016. Although Honda enthusiasts are all praises about the 10th generation Civic X but some of them have shed some light on a few drawbacks as well. Although the company tried to keep it very hush hush but some lucky ones attended the private

Brilliant news for motorcycle enthusiasts as Keeway, Benelli launched in Pakistan

The craze for bikes, especially in Pakistan, is majorly found among the youth. There is some good news for bike lovers as Italian motorcycle, Benelli and a Hungary motorcycle, Keeway, have been launched in Pakistan. In an event that was held in Lahore at Faletti’s Hotel, Buraq Automobile brought the smile on the faces of all the bike lovers in Pakistan and ended the teasing phase by officially launching 2

Procedure to import used cars in Pakistan is tightened by the Government

Japan is the primary exporter of used cars in Pakistan. The number of cars that Pakistan imports is astonishing. As many as 30,000 cars are imported every year. The Government of Pakistan has decided to put a check on it and therefore has tightened the procedure on the import of used cars in the country. Thoughts have been given to this decision in the light of discouraging misuse of Commerce