Pakistani Art Adorns New Coldplay Video!

Before I go any further, I know there are people out there who are diehard fans of Coldplay and then there are those that are not so fond of their music. I respect both views which is why this post is not about their music, it’s about promoting our local talent! Let me explain… Just a few days ago Coldplay, the British band, released a video for their new single

Aamir Khan Brings the Game to You in #StingChallenge

Stingers! Remember that mind blowing dramatic teaser of Sting released back in August 2015 featuring the illustrious king of the ring, Amir Khan which garnered attention from tons of the megastar’s fans and the social media. Yes, you are right it all started when manufacturers of Pakistan’s premium energy drink ignited excitement among enthusiastic devotees of the star of the boxing profession and roped the great boxing Khan back to

Grabbing the Bull of Internet by the Horns #SayitwithPepsi

As the world inches itself into the ever expanding future self expression, individuality and personalization have become important while effective communication has become a necessity and nowhere has this been more evident than in young, technologically equipped youth of our modern times who have always looked for distinct, entertaining, but still innovative ways of expressing themselves, hence the birth of Emojis. These are a trending, delightful format of human expressions

7up Entering the New Year With a Surprising New Look

7up is an extremely popular soda drink that was manufactured by C.L Grigg, who disregarded all other colas in favor of a lemon and lime soda concoction and we are sure glad that he did. The name and taste of this delectable beverage has remained the same throughout the ages but the packaging and logos have been revamped constantly. The New Year came with a surprise for everyone as the

Pepsi is All Set To Take Us by Surprise

Pepsi has a new campaign and they’re throwing down hints on their Facebook Pakistan page. In the past, Pepsi has not disappointed with its often fun and life changing ideas. This seems to be no exception. While many are guessing furiously what the big deal is, Pepsi isn’t giving anything away except that it’s big and you’re going to love it. If you’re the kind of person that likes a

The Bell Goes off on the Sting Challenge with Amir Khan

Pepsico’s energy drink Sting brought its fans up, close and personal with the champion boxer Amir Khan. The British boxer of Pakistani origin is a superstar athlete and two times world champion. The perfect brand ambassador to the energy drink Sting, which packs a powerful punch and gives you the instant boost. Amir Khan has taken the onus on himself to promote the sport in the country. The champion boxer

Pepsi Takes Exciting Food on Your Table to Instagram

What’s life without food? For generations, Pakistan has preserved its culture and heritage through not just its iconic monuments but with also its food! The delectable recipes handed down from one generation to the next have ensured we continue to remain a nation fuelled by its passion for food. After all, nothing else comforts more than a hearty meal that’s servedwith love. It is this national passion that the soft

Pepsi introduces Emojis (feelings) with a little soda

They say, smile is the universal language. Well, Emojis aren’t behind either. When you fail to express your feelings, emojis are very much there to help you out. There was a guy who was too shy to express his hidden feelings to his loved one. One day, a brand helped him to communicate the message across with the help of emojis. Incredibly, he voiced his proposal via emojis without the

Celebrate Your Love for Food with 7Up Asal Foodie

The fact that Pakistan is a country of food lovers is a foregone conclusion. Our culture is rich with wafting aromas of spices and other ingredients cooked with as much love as it is cooked with precision. The country is replete with dishes that are pride of the given region. So much so that some of the places have become synonymous with the particular dish. Whether it is Pashtun’s famous

Pepsi Sparks Hunger Pangs with its Exciting New Campaign

Say goodbye to boring drab meal times, for Pepsi is here to add zing to your not-so-exciting chow into something totally awesome. The global soft drink conglomerate has always been synonymous with great food that goes hand in hand with its drinks and great times with family and friends. Keeping with the tradition of adding spark and excitement to every meal, the new TV commercial campaign whips up appetites with