You Know You’re a Pakistani When…

Despite all the problems our country is facing, there is still a lot to laugh at in Pakistan… Here are is a list of things which should be familiar to all of us! You know you’re a Pakistani when… You always call an older person “uncle” or “aunty” even if you don’t know them. You reuse grocery bags for garbage. A lecture from your dad always starts with starting with “Jub mai

Pakistani Advertisements are the Best!

Television was introduced in Pakistan in 1964. But only in the last 15 years have advertising agencies and production companies actually garnered the potential of showcasing their products on the small screen. After years of struggling, the advertising industry in Pakistan is finally seems to be reaching its creative potential. Today, if you watch a commercial from Pakistan, it almost seems to be a short film. The commercial will have

The Average Pakistani Housewife’s Ramadan

Let me make it clear at the outset….I am a MAN and yes, I am writing about women. That in itself sounds like a death wish, but I am going to take my chances. Ramadan – A Woman’s Month! Contrary to popular belief, Ramadan is a woman’s month not a man’s. People commonly think that during Ramadan, men do nothing at the office all day; all work comes to a

Pakistani Drama’s Having an Impact on India

Remember the time when Indian dramas ruled the hearts and minds of every single Pakistani TV junkie? I remember those times clearly. This was around 16 years ago and the trend continued for a good 5-8 years; i.e. 1997-2005. This influence of Indian drama serials on our hearts and minds was immense. So much so that the dramas were talked about like they were stories from our own neighborhoods and

Pakistani Talk Shows – News or Entertainment?

Ever since the advent of independent media, people have come up with a number of ways to utilize the air time and earn some major bucks. Some of these ideas have culminated in the launch of a variety of talk shows. There is a wide range available of these as well. There are shows where they call in political experts for an analysis of current affairs, health specialists to take

Moin Akhtar: Remembering a One of a Kind Pakistani Legend

Moin Akhtar is one artist that people of all ages can easily fall in love with for his shear talent of presenting humour in a way that is understood and liked by all. He is known for his unique style in exactly accomplishing just this. Though, he has never been conferred with an honorary degree of being versatile and astute in his acting abilities, he should be recognized by the

Pakistan Cannot be Recreated in India Even in a Film for Right-Wing Hindus

After almost a decade of terrorizing Americans with the notorious destruction of the World Trade Centre’s Twin Towers and constant threat of violence on American homeland with various suicide attacks, Osama bin Laden was bound to be a pester for any state to own his responsibility. Pakistan was unfortunate in this case too. The Saudis disowned him and the Muslims all around the world began to hate him for creating

10 Great Books on Pakistan’s History

This is not a list of ‘top 10’ or ‘must read’ books about Pakistan in the traditional sense.  Rather, it’s a collection of titles that present a wide range of perspectives about a country that has a complex past and, to put it mildly, a confusing present.  It covers topics that include everything from the history behind the creation of Pakistan, to the man who led the movement, to a

Mistakes Made by Each of the Main Characters in the Tragic Drama Serial Humsafar

Humsafar is a tragic story of a married couple who go through ups and downs due to envy of those who pretend to be their own. The weekly drama serial airs from Hum TV and has gotten an unprecedented fan-following of television viewers that has not been seen in recent years for a long time now. Written here are the personal views of this writer and not any official interpretation

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s First Oscar Win for Pakistan is not Good for Some Skeptics

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy created a stir when she got nominated in the Best Documentary Short Subject at the 84th Academy Awards for her film Saving Face, which she co-directed with an American filmmaker Daniel Junge. It was an honour in itself to be considered worthy of competing. Not only are the Oscars the highest honour in filmmaking in America, but considered to be so around the world too. Straight after her win, congratulatory