From Go Misbah to Yo Misbah!

So my Misbah haters, what do you say now? Everyone who knows me knows that I have always admired Misbah for his contribution to Pakistani Cricket. It was him who steered the country out of the 2010 spot fixing disaster. It is him who has led the team on most occasions when the team was not playing on home soil. And during all this turbulence he was performing. He was

Inzi’s the Best, Just Ask Wisden!

The year was 1992. It was the semifinal of the World Cup, and Pakistan needed 153 from 15 overs to win, when an inexperienced 22 year old appeared at the crease. All hope was lost. But then this young talent produced a magnificent innings and made 60 off just 37 balls to shoot Pakistan to victory and into the finals. This man, now legend, was none other than our own

Saad Ali – Pakistan’s only Licensed Formula 1 Driver

Whenever Pakistan and Pakistani’s are usually in the news it is generally for something bad that they have done. I for one think these people are not representative of the common man of Pakistan; a person who has aspirations and achievements just like any other and maybe even more. One such person is Saad Ali. A dropout from university, Saad has had a passion for motorsports for years. After quitting

Lahore Lions – Pakistan’s Champions League 2014 Expedition

In the seventh editions of the Champions League Twenty20, or CLT20 as it is also known, the Lahore Lions made their first appearance for Pakistan. Previously the Sialkot Stallions and the Faisalabad Wolves have tried their hand at this prestigious series. By now everyone is aware that the Lahore Lions did not go all the way and bowed out from the tournament during the group stage, but they are the

Are we ready for a world cup without Saeed Ajmal?

Everyone has by now heard of the Saeed Ajmal ban. Yes, even my first reaction was ‘Oh! Common! Is this all that the BCCI is doing?!’ They are scared of a challenge. But then I thought, maybe there is an actual issue. There are plenty of off-spinners called for their action; even Ajmal was a few years back. No doubt this is a big blow to the Pakistan cricket team because

Saeed Anwar – the Magical Opener

One of my favorite memories growing up is the magnificent century that Saeed Anwar scored against India during the 1997 Independence Cup Semifinal. 22 stylish fours and 5 humongous sixes helped him score a near double century (194 off 146) in Chennai. At that time he had set a record for the highest individual score in ODIs overtaking the great Vivian Richard’s 189. His demolition of Indian bowlers Venkatesh Prasad

Balochistan United and the Transformation of Women’s Football in Pakistan

It’s a hot summer evening and the team has just finished practicing; they are now warming down by running a couple of laps. In trademark colorful shirts and shorts one would mistake them for any other football team in Pakistan, but take a closer look and you quickly realize that these are not boys, but girls! Girls from the Balochistan United football club finishing off their practice for the day