All you need to know about the Pakistan Super League Teams

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in Pakistan composed of 5 member clubs. Headquartered in Lahore, the PSL is widely considered to become the premier professional cricket league in Pakistan. After years of battling security concerns and inner hassles, the authorities have lined up a set of spectacular contests. The matches will be held from February 4-24, 2016 just before the World T20. The total salary cap for a squad of 16

The Demise of Sports Diplomacy

This is a guest post by Azm Aftab who is an aspiring writer with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Body-line bowling, a tactic the English cricket team devised to counter the batting prowess of the Australian batsman Sir Don Bradman, gave rise to the first act of cricket diplomacy. The Australians were less than impressed with the new English tactic and called it ‘unsportsmanlike behaviour’. The latter didn’t

Happy Birthday Imran Khan. The Lion of Pakistan!

In the following article, you will come to know about Imran Khan’s cricketing life, political and educational background, his career in numbers and many other accolades that he achieved during his personal and professional career. Introduction Imran Khan (born Nov 25, 1952 in Lahore, Punjab) is a former Pakistani Captain who was indisputably the greatest cricketer to emerge from Pakistan. He played 88 Test matches and 175 One Day International matches

Salman, Asif – Do They Deserve Another Chance?

September 2nd came and went and the 5 year ban on the three tainted Pakistani players ends. The players being Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamir. Although Mohammad Aamir was given permission to play domestic cricket a bit earlier than his ban expired, everyone is now talking about whether these three players deserve another chance at playing for Pakistan on the International stage. All three have shown the willingness

Amir Khan’s Sting Challenge – Are You Ready to Dare the Champion?

Pepsico’s energy drink Sting has roped in Amir Khan, the British Boxing Champion of Pakistani origin to promote the sport in the country and also get the youth of Pakistan more interested in Boxing at a professional level. The tour provided fans of the star and boxing in general, an opportunity to meet the champion, interact with him and even get a chance to put on a pair of gloves

Great Indian Fallacy

For its immediate neighbours India is not as shinning as it is to the world. It is vicious, expansionist and nothing less than a fascist Mussolini Italian state or a Hitler’s Nazi Germany, with only slight difference of having policies complemented by an ambitiously and tactfully driven international diplomacy.  India’s highly magnified bitterness towards Pakistan may not be enough to define that country’s neighbourhood relations as it is encircled by

The Green Shirts Deja-Vu

After the World Cup 2015 match against India, one thing is certain. You can’t ever accuse the Pakistan cricket team of lacking imagination. Of the eleven players that took the field, only Misbah-Ul-Haq and Sohail Khan were playing the same game as India. The rest were imagining better uses of their time. In his mind, Mohammed Irfan was bowling toe-crushers to eight-foot batsmen. The mere mortals facing him though gleefully