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Diary Of A Social Media Mujahid

Disclaimer: The following is a satire piece written by the author to inject some food-for-thought among the readers. Pakistan Insider does not in any way endorse or agree with its content. Dear Diary, After managing to sleep unevenly for 4-5 hours, I decided to wake up once again and go back to duty. It has been a rough couple of days and I haven’t been able to rest properly. The

Fear A World Without Empathy

‘Empathy’ is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as, “the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions; the ability to share someone else’s feelings.” Empathy is shown by people whose hearts are alive to the cries of humanity. Souls who can relate to another in the name of their common creator, the One True God, who is Alone. He declared Himself Lord of all Mankind, indicating that

Dual Devastation

Politics in Pakistan is plagued with corruption, nepotism, self interest and several multi dimensional aspects of immoral practices, but this is high time we recognize that religion in Pakistan is equally plagued with Politics and Politicians. Since more than a decade the social divide based on religious grounds have widened to a large degree, while there is less than no doubt about the political elite adapting to self-inclined religious narratives

United Muslim Army – A myth?

There have been many calling out for a unanimously agreed platform for a more close-knitted Muslim world. Especially with Muslim countries undergoing extreme security situations, a desire to build a NATO-style Muslims-exclusive army seems like a desperate option, yet useful at a time of collective devastation descending over the Muslim world. There is next to no doubt about the fact that Muslims are under a cloud of grievous curse, an

Why is it Important for Muslims to Remember Death?

What will happen to me after I die? This is a question man has been asking ever since he became aware of the fact that life ends at some point.  Why is it important to think about this ultimate reality? Everything we do in life has a specific objective and a specific outcome, the same applies to life itself. Almost all religions believe in the existence of life after death,

The Effects of Innovations (Bid’ah) in Islam

Allah (SWT) asks us to become Muslims, which means to submit to him unconditionally and obey every command without question or modification.  After the era of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions, people started straying from the Deen due to weakness in Iman.  They started making amendments in the Deen by creating seemingly harmless innovations. Such innovations are what we refer to as bid’ah. What is Bid’ah? Bid’ah is the

I am a Muslim – Can I Fall in Love?

When I read Islamic literature or talk to Ulema, falling in love is a subject that is often avoided like the plague and – at best – looked down upon.  Why is it so? We live in a world where men and women constantly interact and are bound to be attracted to each other.  How should we deal with it? Should we just force ourselves into believing that it is

Is Breaking a Promise a Sin?

“I couldn’t come yesterday; sorry to make you wait.” How many times have we either heard or said this sentence or something to the same effect?  This may seem like something trivial to most of us and we don’t give it even a second thought.  However, in reality, this is a serious matter that we should be concerned with. “O you who believe! Fulfill your promises.” [Al-Ma’idah: 1] Misconception about

Are You Ready for Death? Have You Prepared Your Will (Wasiyah)?

When someone dies in your family, what do you do? Worry about the funeral arrangements? Inform friends and family? And then of course there is the usual soyem and chehlum.  This about covers it, right? In fact, no it doesn’t! There is something very important missing here. The majority of the Muslims are completely oblivious to the importance of making a written will (wasiyah).  Those who are knowledgeable of its

I am Young, I am a Muslim, I need Help

Do you know the ways in which the personality of young Muslims is torn apart while living in a western society? We, in Pakistan, are fortunate that we were born in a place surrounded by people with the same beliefs and practices. Practicing Islam in non-Muslim societies is far more difficult than in predominantly Muslim countries. This is particularly true for Muslim youth; they have their work cut out for