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Arnab Goswami Appointed New RAW Chief

Renowned Indian investigative journalist Arnab Goswami was very secretly appointed the new chief of India’s external intelligence agency, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) in a public ceremony held near Delhi Gate late in October 2015. It was a limited gathering in which a handful of around 600 guests from all walks of life were invited, including Ajay Devgn of “Singham” fame. Talking about this coveted new appointment, an anonymous official

What a Post-Bin Laden Situation Entails for Pakistan

While felicity takes hold of much of the world at the death of Osama bin Laden, Pakistani seems to be getting sucked deeper into a quicksand of worry, confusion, distrust and more mayhem. There is a need to understand the general sentiment of the Pakistani nation now that the world’s official attention has been directed at the country. While there are several groups that protest the death of Osama bin