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10 things I love about Pakistani Food

We Pakistanis love eating! Everything we do is associated with eating. When we go out to someone’s place, we eat When we hang out with friends, we eat Weddings are all about “khana kab khulay ga” You stay in and watch a movie, you order food or get a take out You visit family, you eat And why not?! Our food is AMAZING! I love Pakistani cuisine. It’s the best

Cuisine in Pakistan

The basis of Pakistani cuisine comes from the spreading of the Islam religion, starting in 700 A.D.  The arrival of Islam within South Asia greatly influenced local cuisine.  Since Muslims (who practice the Islam religion) are forbidden to eat pork or consume alcohol, Pakistanis focus on other areas of food such as chicken, lamb, beef, fish, vegetables, fruit, and dairy. Pakistani cuisine is well-known for its richness and flavor.  Preferences