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The Talk Show Culture Has Degenerated Pakistan’s Domestic Discourse

Talk shows. They’re everywhere. Every channel in every country has them. Some are controversial, others are world renowned and some are plain lousy. Pakistan too has hundreds of talk shows broadcast on Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto, Brahvi and Punjabi channels. There are also talk shows on the English language PTV World. A broad categorization of talk show subjects is as follows: • National politics • National security and diplomacy • Economy

Independent Media – The Downside…

One of the most important things that Musharraf did during his era was giving the media its much needed freedom. One of the reasons I believe this took so long was because, for most of our history, we have been under dictatorial rule and dictators generally do not like people pointing fingers at them or being held to account. The irony however, is that media was given freedom in Pakistan

Pakistani Media’s Forgotten Role

He who controls the media, controls minds. This rightly quoted line by the iconic singer Jim Morrison is perhaps not given heed by our media persons and organizations, where sensationalism and high ratings become the sole objective. The battle to gain commercials has even deteriorated the moral values and media ethics of our newsmen. However, this impish trend can be eradicated if cognizance is propagated. Since the very inception of