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Amazing Places to Visit In Pakistan Part-II

After the resounding success of the Amazing Places to Visit in Pakistan Part I, here is the part-II that you were promised! The last one covered the major cities in Pakistan. In this par however, I have tried to cover some smaller cities such as Sukkur and Nathiagali. So, read on and short list the places you would like to visit! In and around Peshawar/Gilgit-Baltistan/Hunza Hunza Valley Fort Bala Hisar

Shalimar Garden – A Retreat for Kings

“And the gardens and the agreeable pavilions which had been erected about the grounds, which all vied with the heavens in grandeur, were now found suitable to the royal taste. In fact never before had a garden of such magnificent description been seen or heard of; for the buildings alone of this earthly Paradise had been erected at an outlay of six lakhs of rupees” (ibid., 298). One of the

Amazing Places To Visit In Pakistan

‘Pakistan is this and Pakistan is that!’ ‘There is nothing to do in Pakistan other than just go visit relatives!’ That’s what we Pakistan-lovers usually get to hear from the haters!  But that is just not true my friends. Pakistan is so much more than a place to go for just visiting relatives! Pakistan has places to see and things to do that are sure to amuse even the harshest