Need for a National Cyber Security Strategy in Pakistan

Several countries around the world, including less-developed ones, understand the significance of Cyberspace; it is often dubbed as the “fifth” war-fighting domain after Land, Sea, Air, and Space. Owing to rapid advances in information and communications technologies, nation states are integrating their critical infrastructure with organizational processes in a bid to make them more efficient. With the passage of time, more and more countries are “digitizing” their national assets; these

Substandard Mobile Phones – A Menace or Relief

The mobile market in Pakistan today is worth billions of rupees. Everywhere you go you see a mobile shop, a mobile accessory shop, or a mobile mall. You have major brands like Apple, Samsung and Nokia available, but you can also easily find local brands such as QMobile and Voice. And if you are one of those looking for a counterfeit phone, well unfortunately those are available as well! These

QMobile – Pakistan’s Rising Star

QMobile is an amazing success story to come out of Pakistan! As you may know, QMobile is the largest selling phone brand in Pakistan today. It’s a Karachi based company which was set up approximately 6 years ago by Mian Pervez Akhtar. The growth that it has seen in the last six years is staggering. QMobile began its journey by selling low-end phones to the Pakistani people. Back then people

Markhor: Pakistani Products, International Markets

Don’t we all love stories of underdogs who overcome enormous odds, rise up the ranks and make it big? That is exactly what the founders of Markhor did.  They identified an opportunity in a small town of Pakistan, exploited it and presented an awesome product to the world. Previously known as Hometown shoes, Markhor sells products made in Pakistan, around the globe. Markhor is a subsidiary of Hometown Shoes and while the

Mobile Revolution in Pakistan

Mobile Revolution : The Exponential Rise of M-Banking The intensifying struggle midst financial institutions and Mobile Network Operators in Pakistan for mobile banking has transformed the motherland into a simulated workshop for inventions in fiscal facilities that have transformed the country into an arcade worth observing for the globe. The coming years will provide a number of lessons to viewers worldwide with regards to mobile banking. Our motherland has experienced

Ramadan Apps – Let Technology Help You In Ramadan!

Technology has finally caught up with Ramadan as well. Muslims all over the world are observing their fasts, but this time around they have certain interesting tools to help them along on this month-long journey: mobile apps that help users worship more efficiently! Below is a list of a few Ramadan apps that are a must for every tech savvy Muslim! Muslim Pro This is one of the most downloaded

What 3G and 4G means for Pakistan

Telecom companies in Pakistan have now officially launched their 3G and 4G services after acquiring the networks in the auction for next-generation cellphone spectrum licenses. Pakistan was the last in the region to upgrade to the latest in wireless technology, following India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. But the country made a significant amount of money from the bids made by private mobile services providing companies and the slight delay has only

Bitcoins Are Surging in Popularity: Here’s Why

You have likely heard about Bitcoins, and perhaps you’ve followed their rapid ascent in the marketplace over the last six months. But when we talk about using Bitcoins and the increasing popularity of the monetary system, what exactly are we talking about? The short answer is digital money. Bitcoins are a form of money, just like the American dollar, the Euro, the rupee and the pound. The primary difference is

Cricout – The Cricket Lovers’ Social Network

What’s better than a social network? A social network dedicated to a specific interest, where you can socialize to your heart’s content and then some, around something you just love. What is it that we love as individuals as well as a nation? If you were thinking political scandals and vain gossiping, you’re very close but not quite there. We all love cricket of course!! Cricket is one thing that

Ten Unforgettable, Irresistible Top Rated Android Applications

It’s because of Google Android’s open source nature that applications become easy to access and download for users. If you know how to do coding, it’s even easier to share applications of unique nature for others. In this brief post, you’ll be able to understand the availability and amazing features of the top ten Android applications. Unlike its rival Apple, Android makes applications and upgrading a lot more convenient and