USF Connects Pakistani Villages to the World of Infinite Possibilities

What highways did for trade and commerce in the early 20th century, internet connectivity does the same and a lot more in our times.  There is a wealth of information, knowledge and all sorts of opportunities up for grabs on the internet and connectivity is the key that opens these doors. Pakistan has come a long way in terms of embracing the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution.  But while

CEO or Farmer – No one’s Safe from Mobile Addiction

Pakistan didn’t see it coming. The early 90’s insidiously ushered in a potent addiction which never made it to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). When the Y2K didn’t turn out to be a virtual apocalypse and Pakistan made it to the early 2000’s, this particular addiction was already too deeply rooted and quickly imbued in the culture for there to be any room for intervention. Different – Combines Local Listings with Social Networking

How’s the food in that new restaurant?  What’s the best place for trendy clothes?  I wish I could find some reliable information on some decent schools for my kids! This is the type of information we need on a daily basis.  The primary channel for getting such information is marketing messages, but after sustaining years of commercial message bombardment most of us have become savvy enough to know better than

Warid’s Innovative ‘Reverse Auction’

I sometimes admire the skill of master price hagglers who can purchase items at prices that I can only dream of.  Women particularly seem to have a knack for it; just watch a hard-nosed haggler in action and you’ll see that she never goes home empty handed.  While most people like me envy hagglers, there are some who refer to them in not so endearing terms such as ‘low-baller’ or

‘Face2Face’ App Alerts Users When Their Online Friends Are Nearby

A cup of tea and two Pakistani brains made it possible to bring to life the new online social network, ‘Face2Face’ App Alerts Users When Their Online Friends Are Nearby Less than six months after its launch, Face2Face crossed 100,000 users in January 2011 in North America alone. It has been featured in Mashable, The New York Times, the MIT Journal and Wired and hailed as an application inspiring genius and

‘Jaadu’ App for iPhone

There’s a lot of criticism that Pakistan lacks entrepreneurs interested in research, however Jahanzeb Sherwani, CEO of iTeleport, is a businessman who has succeeded in both. During his final year as a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University he developed Jaadu VNC, an application which allows you to have remote control power over your computer from anywhere in the world! This application eventually became the seed which grew into iTeleport,

‘Photo Editor’ By Becomes Blackberry’s Best-Selling App Worldwide

“What has pepper got to do with pictures,” you ask? Then you’ll probably be even more puzzled when I talk about the months of September and December and technology companies in the same context. Ok, ok! Hold your horses and let me explain… Around about September last year (2010) a company called “” launched a photo editor for Blackberry phones, aptly titled “Photo Editor”. This editor allows you to quickly

Science and Technology in Pakistan

Since independence in 1947, Pakistan has seen an influx of scientists, engineers, doctors, and technicians in the growing field of science and technology. Pakistan is known for possession of strong weapons in the military, a growing base of doctors and engineers, and software engineers. Nuclear Science Under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan tested six indigenously developed atomic devices in 1998. Pakistan became the seventh nuclear power country