Bitcoins Are Surging in Popularity: Here’s Why

You have likely heard about Bitcoins, and perhaps you’ve followed their rapid ascent in the marketplace over the last six months. But when we talk about using Bitcoins and the increasing popularity of the monetary system, what exactly are we talking about? The short answer is digital money. Bitcoins are a form of money, just like the American dollar, the Euro, the rupee and the pound. The primary difference is

Cricout – The Cricket Lovers’ Social Network

What’s better than a social network? A social network dedicated to a specific interest, where you can socialize to your heart’s content and then some, around something you just love. What is it that we love as individuals as well as a nation? If you were thinking political scandals and vain gossiping, you’re very close but not quite there. We all love cricket of course!! Cricket is one thing that

Ten Unforgettable, Irresistible Top Rated Android Applications

It’s because of Google Android’s open source nature that applications become easy to access and download for users. If you know how to do coding, it’s even easier to share applications of unique nature for others. In this brief post, you’ll be able to understand the availability and amazing features of the top ten Android applications. Unlike its rival Apple, Android makes applications and upgrading a lot more convenient and

Top Facebook Pages in Pakistan

Social media has taken Pakistan by storm, and since Facebook remains the platform of choice for many, the stats provide a good view into what the Pakistani public is  interested in and talking about. Lets take a look at how the largest pages from and of Pakistan stack-up on Facebook: 1. Atif Aslam  172,382 People Talking About This 17,761,811 Total Page Likes 2. Express News 1,792,282 People Talking About This

Social Media in Pakistani Politics: A Wave of Change or Just a Fad?

General elections are just around the corner (hopefully) and most of the discussions in the media and among the masses are occupied by two themes: disenchantment with the way things are and skepticism about any change in the future.  However, there is a relatively new phenomenon that may prove to be a challenge for the political dinosaurs (or predators) in our country.  I’m referring to the use of social media

‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Shows How Social Media is Beneficial

Charlie Bit My Finger is amongst the most-watched videos of YouTube. It was made by an amateur video-maker who would have never in his wildest dreams imagined that the video of merely 56 seconds that he is uploading will be viewed millions of times and would be liked so much. But more than that, he would have never thought about the prospect of earning $500,000 in return for it after

U.S. Government Censors the Internet without Calling it as Such

The U.S. government seems all ready to attack the internet. Now it has declared its right to seize any domain ending with “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, etc. This means, in short, the U.S. government can shut down your business any day and you cannot even claim that this domain is out of their reach. According to Wired, the U.S. has claimed such authority for all domains, like .cc, .tv, .name and

Some Video Games are Themed with a Negative Image of Religion

Video games are not only fun to play, but they are also good for a person’s imaginative ability and creative skills. Especially for children, playing video games enhances their ability to think and react as different games cover various plots in which they have to use mental skills. But not all video games are for children and some are even specifically rated as PG or PG-18, which means that they

Technology: Making Research Easier or Adding to the Noise?

Research is important for a lot of reasons. I work as a writer, so I conduct research on almost a daily basis for my work. But there are a lot of other types of research people conduct on a regular basis. For example, many people do genealogy research (digging into their family history). Others research health issues they may suffer from. Students research for school projects and papers. And sometimes

Convofy Brings Enterprise Social Networking to the Next Level

There was a time when corporate websites and intranets were all the rage.  It might seem as though I’m talking about a time way back in the past, but interestingly it was less than a decade ago.  Now, all anybody talks about when it comes to communicating, is social networks! Social networking sites have changed the way people interact with each other in virtual space.  Even email is quickly losing