Amir Khan’s Sting Challenge – Are You Ready to Dare the Champion?

Pepsico’s energy drink Sting has roped in Amir Khan, the British Boxing Champion of Pakistani origin to promote the sport in the country and also get the youth of Pakistan more interested in Boxing at a professional level. The tour provided fans of the star and boxing in general, an opportunity to meet the champion, interact with him and even get a chance to put on a pair of gloves

Independent Media – The Downside…

One of the most important things that Musharraf did during his era was giving the media its much needed freedom. One of the reasons I believe this took so long was because, for most of our history, we have been under dictatorial rule and dictators generally do not like people pointing fingers at them or being held to account. The irony however, is that media was given freedom in Pakistan

So Rehman Malik Got Kicked Off – Is This Really a Sign of Change?

It has finally happened. The common man has started to stand up to the ruling elite. You guessed right. I am talking about the infamous video of Mr. Rehman Malik getting off – rather, being forced off – of a PIA flight. Being one to have suffered such a ‘delay’ myself, I felt a real sense of satisfaction watching the video. In fact, everyone who has suffered these delays would

Who Owns Our Pakistani Television Channels?

Is our media really unbiased? Are the news reporters and journalists who we look towards to find out what is happening in our beloved homeland really presenting a factual and objective picture?  Or are there hidden puppet masters in the background with their own personal agendas who control what we watch in order to manipulate our emotions in order to reach their own secret goals? Knowing who owns the media outlets can

Saving Pakistan, Zaid Hamid Style

I love Zaid Hamid! There I said it! Pheww…That’s a load off! It’s all about the way he speaks. He just mesmerizes me with his words. No! I am not in that kind of love with him it’s just that every sentence that he utters seems to include one or more of the following: “Maar dalo” “Goli se uradho” “Suli per charha do” “Qatal kardo” It’s just amazing how, unlike

Pakistani Advertisements are the Best!

Television was introduced in Pakistan in 1964. But only in the last 15 years have advertising agencies and production companies actually garnered the potential of showcasing their products on the small screen. After years of struggling, the advertising industry in Pakistan is finally seems to be reaching its creative potential. Today, if you watch a commercial from Pakistan, it almost seems to be a short film. The commercial will have

Pakistani Drama’s Having an Impact on India

Remember the time when Indian dramas ruled the hearts and minds of every single Pakistani TV junkie? I remember those times clearly. This was around 16 years ago and the trend continued for a good 5-8 years; i.e. 1997-2005. This influence of Indian drama serials on our hearts and minds was immense. So much so that the dramas were talked about like they were stories from our own neighborhoods and

Pakistani Talk Shows – News or Entertainment?

Ever since the advent of independent media, people have come up with a number of ways to utilize the air time and earn some major bucks. Some of these ideas have culminated in the launch of a variety of talk shows. There is a wide range available of these as well. There are shows where they call in political experts for an analysis of current affairs, health specialists to take

Mistakes Made by Each of the Main Characters in the Tragic Drama Serial Humsafar

Humsafar is a tragic story of a married couple who go through ups and downs due to envy of those who pretend to be their own. The weekly drama serial airs from Hum TV and has gotten an unprecedented fan-following of television viewers that has not been seen in recent years for a long time now. Written here are the personal views of this writer and not any official interpretation