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Baby’s Diet – Difference between Success and Failure in Life

A new study has concluded that there is a very important correlation between healthy eating and a child’s success in school. The study concludes that if you want your child to be successful in school and give a high-level performance he/she needs to be on a healthy diet. Doing well in school is not an option these days. Everyone wants their children to pass with flying colors as this is

Pakistani Wedding Season – Its Here!

The craze has begun people! No, not the “azaadi” craze or the “inqalaab” craze. Those are just passing fads. This is a craze to surpass all crazes! It’s the Pakistani Wedding Craze!! Every Pappu, Raju and Munni knows that the wedding season in Pakistan begins by the mid of October and continues till mid-March. In these 5 months you won’t find a hall or lawn empty i.e. unless you have

Monal – The Best Restaurant View In The World!

I am sure most Pakistani readers have at least heard of Monal. If you haven’t, let me introduce it to you. It is a restaurant that serves local and international food in Islamabad. But not just anywhere in Islamabad! Monal is situated at Pir Sohawa road, atop a mountain in the Margala Hills. There is no other word to describe the experience at Monal, other than mesmerizing! You start off

Do We Need 8 Hours of Sleep Daily?

Just writing about sleep is making me sleepy! Something I believe I am excessively deprived of. Quality sleep today has become a luxury most of us can’t afford. People in my friends and family circle regularly come back from work at around 8:30 pm. And after quality time with their families go to sleep around 1:00 am. In Karachi at least, the general public goes to sleep at around 1:00

5 Must Visit Places in in Karachi

Pakistani or not, everyone has heard of Karachi nowadays. Karachi is in the news as often as Beirut was a few years back. Many folks are wary of going to Karachi and try avoiding it like the plague. If they do end up in Karachi, they are given strict instructions: Stay indoors and don’t go out too much! If you do need to go out, stay in the “good” areas

Singers, Actors and now Pakistani Fashion Designers Cross the Border

For years we have seen Indian culture mercilessly being imported into Pakistan. First it was through their movies and music, and this was followed by their drama serials. There was also a brief period where Indian fashion and their designers were starting to influence our Pakistani fashion sense. Slowly but gradually times are changing. First it was our singers that broke the trend and made their mark across the border.

Going Mangoes for Pakistan

The mention of summer brings up a lot of images for many people. Long lazy sunny days, ubiquitous pool parties, fun beach outings and yearned-for cold treats are some of the most frequent and anticipated. Yet for the common Pakistani, the most familiar association with summers is not really the generally unwelcome sun or the slightly more pleasant activities. It is simply tons and tons of mangoes! These little juicy

10 Things I love About Eid-ul Fitr in Pakistan

Another Eid just went by, this one accompanied by a several, memorable “chuttiyan”. Although Eid is over I still have a hangover from it. I still want more parties to go to, more meet up’s with families and just more of everything Eid is about, because I love celebrating Eid in Pakistan! I actually grew up abroad and still live abroad, but I spent a few years living in Pakistan

10 things I love about Pakistani Food

We Pakistanis love eating! Everything we do is associated with eating. When we go out to someone’s place, we eat When we hang out with friends, we eat Weddings are all about “khana kab khulay ga” You stay in and watch a movie, you order food or get a take out You visit family, you eat And why not?! Our food is AMAZING! I love Pakistani cuisine. It’s the best

What do Qur’an and Hadith Say about the Second Coming of Jesus

The second coming of Prophet Isa/ Jesus (peace be upon him) is one of the major signs to appear before the Day of Judgment.  Muslims and Christians believe that Prophet Isa/ Jesus (peace be upon him) will be sent back to our world before the judgment day and he will perform certain tasks. “The Hour will not come until you see ten signs: the smoke; the False Messiah; the Beast;