The US Policy of Indifference About Palestine

According to the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humaniterian Affairs (OCHA) the breakdown of those killed during the recent war on Gaza as last updated on August 6 is, 1030 men (166 militants) women 219, children 414. As for the Israel the death toll is civilians 2 and soldiers 64. The most recent ongoing Palestine-Israel conflicted escalated on 8th July, 2014. It does not qualify to be even called

Arsalan Iftikhar and His Rollercoaster Ride

Arsalan Iftikhar… Remember him? Who could forget him? Infamous in Pakistan for his endeavors in helping a certain Mr. Malik Riaz. Malik Riaz… Remember him? Well, that’s a whole other rollercoaster ride. Arsalan Iftikhar’s story begins with the lawyers movement; the one where his father was at the helm. His father rode his 4X4 SUV all the way to the capital and reclaimed his position as Chief Justice of Pakistan,

Saving Pakistan, Zaid Hamid Style

I love Zaid Hamid! There I said it! Pheww…That’s a load off! It’s all about the way he speaks. He just mesmerizes me with his words. No! I am not in that kind of love with him it’s just that every sentence that he utters seems to include one or more of the following: “Maar dalo” “Goli se uradho” “Suli per charha do” “Qatal kardo” It’s just amazing how, unlike

Why Are We So Obsessed With Being Friends With India?

Is it just me or have the number of positive programs and articles about India increased in our media? Every other day there is a piece on ‘hope for Pak-India friendship’, how to better our trade relations and how we are alike as a people. The general perception is that having good relations with your neighbor will help better the regional environment. Sure, that is a perspective, but has anyone reflected

Provisions of the Protection of Pakistan Bill 2014

The potentially controversial Protection of Pakistan Bill 2014 has been passed by the National Assembly and will now be in place for the coming two years. The proposed law allows security forces to enter and search premises without a warrant, and shoot on sight any suspected militants, subject to the permission of an official above grade-15. Zahid Hamid, the Minister for Science and Technology, had moved the bill in the

What does 14th August Symbolize Today?

It’s almost that time of year. The day Pakistan gained independence 67 years ago. The 14th of August. The day that reminds us that we are free. The day that we vaguely remember as the day our forefathers sacrificed everything so that we could live freely! Today however, the meaning of freedom is very different than what was envisioned 67 years ago. Today freedom is not synonymous with the right

Honesty is the Worst Policy

If by reading the title, you are discerning that I have written it wrong then dear readers the title of the post is not wrong at all but truly depicts what has been happening in this land of pure. Since childhood, we have been reading stories of “Honesty is the Best Policy”. Our parents, teachers, scholars taught us that we should always act honestly regardless of the circumstances and results.

When Pakistani Pilots Battled Israelis

Did you know that there are only two countries in the world that were built upon religious ideology? Pakistan and Israel. Israel created for Judaism and Pakistan for Islam. It is also said that the one country that Israel is most scared of is Pakistan as it is the only Muslim country with the military might and religious zeal that compares with Israel. Although Pakistan has never had a direct

The Security Affair and the Real Estate Concern

Pakistan’s economy is a fairly unique one amongst other world economies, one where the idea of a receipt framework is either not strictly enforced or is completely overlooked. The Pakistani economy is generally cash-based and a huge part of it does not exist on the books, working as an alternate economy that does not contribute to tax revenue or follow regulations. As indicated by a report published by Bloomberg BusinessWeek,

Pakistani Talk Shows – News or Entertainment?

Ever since the advent of independent media, people have come up with a number of ways to utilize the air time and earn some major bucks. Some of these ideas have culminated in the launch of a variety of talk shows. There is a wide range available of these as well. There are shows where they call in political experts for an analysis of current affairs, health specialists to take