Shut Up America

All of Pakistan has its eyes focused on Islamabad nowadays. Every single movement of the leaders and the protestors is being scrutinized. Every single Pakistani seems to have their own theory of what’s going on there and has their own opinion on who is wrong and who is right. However, what I want to focus on in this post is one single aspect of the current political crisis… The American

ISIS: Most Recruits Are Westerners

ISIS; the new name of terror, raging massacre and havoc in both Syria and Iraq. Most of us don’t know exactly when it erupted and spread all over Iraq. Some western political analysts believe that ISIS is after child of 2003 American- British invasion of Iraq. The present Deputy Prime Minister of UK, a Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg holds the ex-prime minister Tony Blair responsible of the insanity prevailing

Pakistan Under the Crutches of A Vicious Debt Cycle

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister who is considered controversial in the global arena for his authoritarian policies ranging from banning Twitter to allowing females to laugh out loud in public. But what the world is missing out or is kept under the deception is the Turkish state and its development under the same Erdogan who has helped his nation evolve by leaps and bounds. Around 2001, Turkey’s financial

Are you Really Happy? Math Knows the Answer!

Remember when we were kids and had to do algebra? Every kid has once in his/her lifetime asked the question “What’s the use of Algebra?” Some grew up to find the answer, while others – like myself – remained totally confounded… that is until now! Yes my dear countrymen I have finally found the answer!  I have discovered what the real purpose of algebra is! The purpose is *drum roll*

Boycotting Israel in Pakistan

Everybody knows what’s happening in Gaza. The massacre of civilians – innocent men, women and children – by the Israelis and the world’s silence on the matter. I have actually heard some ignoramuses argue that it was Hamas that started all this by firing rockets. Why are the Gazan’s Fighting? Firing rockets? Gaza has been under a vicious siege for years. The people of Gaza have no access to clean

Name and shame the Afghanistan’s Pakistan policy

Pakistan is blamed for the miseries of Afghanistan ever since its creation and today it has become a fashion for our pseudo intellectuals to bash Pakistan in regard to its Afghan policy without questioning the Afghanistan’s Pakistan misadventures since 1947. While intellectuals and opinion-makers from religious right to secular left are critical of Pakistan’s historical stance on Afghanistan over various issues, there seem to be a total consensus inside Afghanistan

An open letter to Muslims from Israel

Dear Muslims, Greetings! Hopefully this letter will find you in worst of health and we will keep on praying and putting our all-out efforts to ensure that those who try to undermine our interests remain in worst conditions ever. The intent of writing this letter is to congratulate you on achieving a highest level of hypocrisy. Such sheer hypocrisy that even we got surprised. We never thought that you can

Should Imran Khan Follow Gandhi or Jinnah?

Imran Khan doesn’t need any introduction what so ever. He was mentioned as 3rd in a list of nine world leaders by Global Post 2012. Asia Society recorded him as the person of the year 2012. The Phew Research Centre in the same year conducted a survey that showed Khan as the most favored by the youth. We all know about his transformation from an ultra shy Aitchisonian to super

Storming the Red Zone Peacefully?

Sounds of desperation are reverberating from Aabpara chowk and beyond to Islamabad creating ripples in the entire nation. First, the demand was simply for the Prime Minister to resign and elections to be conducted again. The public looked forward to the much applauded cricketer cum politician and were eager to march towards the federal capital. The allegations against the current government, to a layman, seem to be fair enough and

Songs that Revive the Spirit of Patriotism

The day we obtained our much fought for independence wasn’t always commemorated through pulling out silencers and participating in car parades in the middle of the night. And it didn’t warrant long marches either. What the 14th of August really did was act as a reminder of the sacrifices that our ancestors had to make and the struggles and hurdles our Quaid had to face so that Pakistan could come