Beat the Heat This Summer 7Up Style

The summer in Pakistan can be an energy sapping, body draining experience which can leave us parched and exhausted. A vending machine that allows us access to refreshments with an ease directly proportional to the brutality of the sun is something that sounds not only natural but pretty obvious. However, surprisingly none of us ever thought of such a contraption until recently when 7Up brought a host of melting vending

Amir Khan’s Sting Challenge – Are You Ready to Dare the Champion?

Pepsico’s energy drink Sting has roped in Amir Khan, the British Boxing Champion of Pakistani origin to promote the sport in the country and also get the youth of Pakistan more interested in Boxing at a professional level. The tour provided fans of the star and boxing in general, an opportunity to meet the champion, interact with him and even get a chance to put on a pair of gloves

Chand Sitara: A Heartfelt Tribute to the Unsung Heroes of Pakistan

Unlike the general Hollywood portrayals, heroes rarely, if ever come in flowing capes and pointed masks. The real heroes more often than not are present amongst us, steadily yet silently making their powerful dreams a reality. It is to such great personalities that the new campaign Chamke Hum Se Pakistan is dedicated. These are no chest thumping, cloaked super heroes but men and women from the ordinary walks of life