#EveryDayIsMothersDay should be new Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s day. Really? I didn’t know about it. Let me change my profile picture on all social media platforms. 24 hours go by and you change your display picture again. Job done? Surely not. This day is generally celebrated all across the world on the second Sunday in the month of May. As soon as this day fast approaches, there’s this buzz in the air about the day as there are certain morning shows

It’s time to celebrate with #BariPepsi

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. It’s a proverb which means that a person becomes dull and boring if he doesn’t get the time off from work. My life was going in the same direction but a week ago; I thought about organizing a picnic. My Uncle has a house in a certain society some 20 kilometers before Murree. Nobody lives there and the spot is

Foodpanda’s Blog: PK Magazine and Panda peeks – Hoagies

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, some relatives appear at your place at an odd time. You are now required to prepare a dinner for them. YES! You could have ordered the food online via Foodpanda but these relatives want you to cook something for them. Is it too much to ask for? Definitely not especially with the assistance of Foodpanda. Among those relatives, there’s an aunty and her young

Let’s suffer from cricket fever because #AbhiNahiTohKabhiNahi

The stadium is jam packed. The atmosphere is electrifying. Bowler has the ball in his hand to have one final go. Batsman is determined to dispatch the ball into the stands. Fans have no time even to blink. Hearts in the mouth. 4 runs needed off the last ball to win the grand tournament. Heartbeat is on the full. Umpires are alert. There is pin drop silence. Nervy times. Bowler

Food ka love is #ABetterLoveStory than Twilight

It’s Valentine’s day. Imagine yourself in this situation: You wake up on a windy morning, get off bed, take shower, have a proper breakfast and then you plan on to spend the rest of your day with your loved one. Atnoon, you are done with your planning and get off to pick your other half from the desired destination. Both of you try to spend quality time on seaview, ride a camel,

Karachi, the City of Lights Eats with 7UP

The Provincial Capital boasts of a multicultural fusion with varying ethnicities. Karachi’s cuisine is rich in tradition, full of exotic and diverse dishes. Surely, a dainty appetizing meal is incomplete without any beverage and as 7Up’s relationship to food is quiet old and strong, the colorless, caffeine-free bubbly drink enhances the taste of the food twofold. For Karachites food is much more than just a task but a complete experience,

#JeenayKaMaza Travel Around the World with Kashmir Banaspati and Cooking Oil

The culinary taste of any country is perhaps the most authentic way of experiencing its true culture and tradition. The rich blend of flavors coupled with the traditional cooking techniques takes you on an amazing experience that will leave you with an essence of what that place is all about. Scrumptious cuisines from all over the world transcend barriers and are uniting people with the common love of a enjoying

Aamir Khan Brings the Game to You in #StingChallenge

Stingers! Remember that mind blowing dramatic teaser of Sting released back in August 2015 featuring the illustrious king of the ring, Amir Khan which garnered attention from tons of the megastar’s fans and the social media. Yes, you are right it all started when manufacturers of Pakistan’s premium energy drink ignited excitement among enthusiastic devotees of the star of the boxing profession and roped the great boxing Khan back to

Grabbing the Bull of Internet by the Horns #SayitwithPepsi

As the world inches itself into the ever expanding future self expression, individuality and personalization have become important while effective communication has become a necessity and nowhere has this been more evident than in young, technologically equipped youth of our modern times who have always looked for distinct, entertaining, but still innovative ways of expressing themselves, hence the birth of Emojis. These are a trending, delightful format of human expressions

7up Entering the New Year With a Surprising New Look

7up is an extremely popular soda drink that was manufactured by C.L Grigg, who disregarded all other colas in favor of a lemon and lime soda concoction and we are sure glad that he did. The name and taste of this delectable beverage has remained the same throughout the ages but the packaging and logos have been revamped constantly. The New Year came with a surprise for everyone as the