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Dr Mohammad Taqi’s Tasteless Publicity Stunt

Dr Mohammad Taqi MD is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Florida. Concurrently, he is also a certified Family Practice and Internal Medicine specialist at the Shands Live Oak hospital in the same state. But this is one side of his professional profile. In Pakistan, he is somewhat known across the elite intelligentsia as a vocal Daily Times columnist holding very liberal views on domestic affairs and

Pakistan Should Effectively Use The Media As A ‘Soft Power’

The post 9/11 world is defined by mastery of deception, propaganda or what most call the mastery of narrative projection. Whoever achieves dominance of a particular incident through manipulative views and opinions wins the race. We have long seen how mass media has been used as a “soft power” tool to influence opinions in favor of, or against, a specified entity. In an insightful report for Robert Bosch Stiftung, ‘How

Just one submarine makes India go paranoid

Indian media is known to regularly incline towards sensationalism, even at the expense of covering more important issues. Electronic media in India, unlike the comparatively independent and serious print media, often reflects a strong pro-establishment narrative. This is the reason why red tickers and flashes on “Breaking News” seem to take the very pulse out of an ordinary viewer who would perhaps be more concerned with domestic sanitation, healthcare, human

Lack of Logic in Imposing “Radio Tax”

The Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan has suggested to the Parliament that there should be Rs.2 “Radio Tax” on every reload of a mobile credit card of Rs.100. Essentially, the Radio Tax is suggested to be 2%. The former Federal Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Dr. Zaheer-ud-Din Babar Awan has further solidified the news by saying that it will be applicable after the

Breaking News: Providing Real Value or Just More Stress?

In today’s world, members of the media play a big role in determining what news we get and how we get our news. But with the existence of a 24-hour news cycle between television news stations and online news, those media outlets seem to go to extremes to keep our attention. We have “breaking news” left and right with stories hyped up for maximum impact. Do you ever feel like

The Negative Bias of the Media

In today’s so-called “information age”, we are constantly barraged with news and media coverage of every event. It often seems that each event is accompanied by a maelstrom of negative ideas, with coverage of events presented with an emphasis that makes every event seem more disheartening than the last. For viewers, this can create an inaccurate perception of the world around us that has the same negative undertone, making us