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Is Pakistan Bringing the Asia Cup Home?

How many of you think that Pakistan is coming home with the Asia Cup? I’m sure quite a few of you have their hands raised.  Regardless of all the negatives, at the end of the day, we all root for Pakistan.  However, before jumping to any happy endings, let’s see what the odds really are for us. The Odds of Winning Going onto the battlefield again after the disappointing one-day

Pakistan Cricket find cure in Misbah’s leadership

On notorious day of 5th February 2011, Pakistan Cricket was slugged a haymaker as their three Cricketers – Asif, Aamir and Butt – were banned for minimum 5 years by International Cricket Council (ICC) after they were proven spot-fixers by ICC’s tribunal. A year and day later, Pakistan respond by clean sweeping Test Cricket’s Number one team (England) 3-0 in Dubai. Even on the same day, when players were handed bans,

Pakistan Cricket was destined for this glory

It might sound a clumsy cliché that Pakistan is the most unpredictable team but it is, indeed, the flair of their unpredictability which has given Pakistan victories, snatched from jaws of defeats, turning into epic glories. A policeman, Fazal Mahmood, started the tradition at Oval 1954 when his 6-wicket haul folded England 143 all out in pursuit of mediocre 168. The tradition then was handed to the likes of flamboyant Imran

Pakistan Fighting Back Against Zimbabwe!

Update: Pakistan won the match by 7 wickets. It has finally begun. After all the controversy that Pakistan has been through recently they are finally back on the pitch (where the team actually belongs) and not at press conferences! Also FINALLY the batting side has clicked. Yes, I know the pitch is flat and there is very little turn but come on that does not mean we do not give

Waqar’s Out – So is Afridi In?

We all heard the news a couple of days back that Waqar Younis resigned as coach of the Pakistan Cricket team. I don’t know about you but it came as a surprise for me. With Afridi out, Misbah the captain and a plan for the twenty-fifteen cup I honestly thought that Waqar would stay at the helm till the next cup. Waqar, became coach in March 2010 after our lovely

Why Only Kaneria and Shoaib Malik?

OK, guys. This is going to be one those rants where I may end up stepping on some sensitive toes. I’ve tried to control myself, but I must get this off my chest! Today I’m going to discuss the ongoing integrity committee scanner currently pointed at Danish Kaneria and Mr. Sania Mirza…..Oh! I mean Shoaib Malik. As you guys might have heard by now, the former Pakistan team captain and

Inexperience vs. Experience – Conspiracy or Plan?

Since the team was announced last week the selectors have been barraged with criticism for dropping senior players. Three uncapped players have been included in the team, namely: Rameez Raja, Shah and Cheema; while experienced players such as Umar Gul, Tanveer Ahmed and Wahab Riaz are being dropped. On the other hand less experienced players Sohail Khan, Sohail Tanvir, Aizaz Cheema and Junaid Khan have also been given a chance.

Is This the END Game?

Do you get the feeling that cricket has lost its popularity in Pakistan? People aren’t talking about it that much. There’s very little enthusiasm about any upcoming series. Other than the new Pepsi advert, there’s not a lot of the sport on TV either. Seriously! Even the Faysal Bank T20 tournament came and went without a buzz… Usually this tournament‘s a popular draw. Suddenly we hear about children organizing and playing

Coach! Captain? Cup!

So, you guys must have heard of the report that our coach Mr. Waqar Younis has submitted to the board. So the verdict is out, according to our coach’s report “I have to give full credit to Misbah as he has stabilized the team and leads from the front. His performance is also outstanding. He makes the boys feel comfortable and relaxed so they actually enjoy their cricket. He is

Pakistan Women Win, Again!

How I would have loved it if the title referred to men’s cricket in Pakistan. But… it is the women of the country that are bringing home the accolades. The recently concluded ODI and T20 quadrangular series in Sri Lanka saw Pakistan as the winners among Sri Lanka, Ireland and Netherlands. This is not men’s cricket my friend! These teams are not considered underdogs in women’s cricket. Come to think