The Hollywood Celebrities on Gaza

The crisis in Gaza started on 8th July and its escalating as I am writing. It is not a hidden fact the democracy in America is not exactly elective it is a rather selective plutocracy. Most of the political decision making is done by the elitist of the classes. But somehow the opinion makers are shifting the gears; ultimately the socio-political decision making will change. Let’s read what the glitterati

Muhammad Waseem – Another Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

Ladies and gentlemen we have another hero amidst us! *Drum roll*… Let’s have a big hand for Mr. Muhammad Waseem!!! Mr. Waseem is a 26 year old flyweight boxer from Pakistan who has just made us all proud by securing the silver medal at the 20th Commonwealth games held in Glasgow. Humble Beginnings, but Strong Determination Mr. Waseem hails from Quetta, the capital of the troubled province of Balochistan. However,

Palestinians! We Pakistani’s Are With You!

Everyone is aware of the atrocities that are being inflicted on the Palestinians by the Israelis. There are protests in many cities of the world by people of all walks of life and all religions. Although it might seem that us Pakistanis, being preoccupied with our own problems, are ignorant of the issue. This is not so. There has been an overwhelming amount of support of the Palestinian cause shown

When Pakistani Pilots Battled Israelis

Did you know that there are only two countries in the world that were built upon religious ideology? Pakistan and Israel. Israel created for Judaism and Pakistan for Islam. It is also said that the one country that Israel is most scared of is Pakistan as it is the only Muslim country with the military might and religious zeal that compares with Israel. Although Pakistan has never had a direct

Gaza is Bleeding – Again!

Gaza is bleeding again! More than 159 killed, the majority of the casualties are women and children, about 400 injured and many of those in transition from life to death.  Beginning from the death and abduction of three settlers, followed by revenge killing of a Palestinian and then rockets fired by Hamas into the Israeli settlements and finally the knee-jerk reaction of Israel resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries. Contrary

Editing Wikipedia Pages for Mitt Romney Seems like Editing Out Unwanted Life Stories

Wikipedia is a good source of getting superficial information on anything. Besides, whenever you Google a word or a phrase, be it related to anything, the first few links that it will show, will surely either have a Wikipedia page about it on the top or at number two or three in the links that will come up in the search results. One cannot say that Wikipedia is entirely reliable

Breaking News: More Bull$#@^ !

“I think these news channels earn a lot more showing these -ve news items 24/7 ….surely there are good things about the country too. …. bloody idiots are leading the population to extreme frustration and depression i think .” Wait! Before you start bashing me with your hate comments, these are not my words. This is a status update my friend put up a couple of days ago. The two

Lack of Logic in Imposing “Radio Tax”

The Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan has suggested to the Parliament that there should be Rs.2 “Radio Tax” on every reload of a mobile credit card of Rs.100. Essentially, the Radio Tax is suggested to be 2%. The former Federal Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Dr. Zaheer-ud-Din Babar Awan has further solidified the news by saying that it will be applicable after the

Pakistan and Misbah paying price for not selecting deserved players

260s are the targets which got to be chased in One Day Internationals particularly when they are played in subcontinent-esque conditions. Pakistan were humbled 130 all out in pursuit of target of 261 set by England in 1st ODI of four-Match series at Abu Dhabi. Their bowlers, spinners in particular, did not perform that bad. It was their batting which did them all humiliation. Irony is teams strengthen the department

How to Broaden Your Horizons Online With Diverse Media Sources

You would be hard-pressed to find even one media outlet that didn’t show at least a small amount of bias. As much as journalists are supposed to remain objective, there are always personal feelings and even mandates from the owners of some media outlets that can sway the way news stories are told. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to broaden your horizons a bit to try to