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Have You Ever Wondered How Rich You Actually Are?

If you can see, hear, smell, taste and have tactile sense, then you have a lot to be thankful for. If you have all of your limbs working properly, you have a lot to be grateful for. If you can clothe yourself, eat healthily and live under a roof of your own house, you have a lot to be gratified with. If you have had an opportunity of getting an

Editing Wikipedia Pages for Mitt Romney Seems like Editing Out Unwanted Life Stories

Wikipedia is a good source of getting superficial information on anything. Besides, whenever you Google a word or a phrase, be it related to anything, the first few links that it will show, will surely either have a Wikipedia page about it on the top or at number two or three in the links that will come up in the search results. One cannot say that Wikipedia is entirely reliable

List of Airline Hijack Incidents Involving Pakistan (With Photos and Summaries)

Aircraft hijacking is also known as skyjacking or sky controlling. It is an unlawful takeover of an airplane by an individual or a group, usually for fulfilling their demand or demands. While in a hijacked state, passengers are under constant threat for their lives. Hijackers usually take the plane to a destination of their choice and from there often negotiate or begin their series of threat. There have been many

Moin Akhtar: Remembering a One of a Kind Pakistani Legend

Moin Akhtar is one artist that people of all ages can easily fall in love with for his shear talent of presenting humour in a way that is understood and liked by all. He is known for his unique style in exactly accomplishing just this. Though, he has never been conferred with an honorary degree of being versatile and astute in his acting abilities, he should be recognized by the

List of Airline Crash Incidents Involving Pakistan (With Photos and Summaries)

Even though flight safety is the priority of the aviation authorities, but still unexpected things do happen. There have occurred many air crashes around the world involving all types of aircrafts and airlines. Still, there is no aviation authority can give 100% flight safety, mainly because of the non-human conditions and external factors, like weather or operation of an aircraft, etc. Here is a list of airline crash incidents involving

‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Shows How Social Media is Beneficial

Charlie Bit My Finger is amongst the most-watched videos of YouTube. It was made by an amateur video-maker who would have never in his wildest dreams imagined that the video of merely 56 seconds that he is uploading will be viewed millions of times and would be liked so much. But more than that, he would have never thought about the prospect of earning $500,000 in return for it after

List of Presidents of Pakistan Since 1947 (With Photos)

The President of Pakistan is constitutionally the head of the state. The recently passed 18th Amendment has restored Pakistan’s government system as democratic, whereby the President is chosen by the Electoral College, which consists of the Senate, National Assembly, and the provincial assemblies, for a five-year term. Thus, the President of Pakistan is truly a complete representative figure in the government having the highest authority to run the government. The

List of Prime Ministers of Pakistan Since 1947 (With Photos)

Prime Minister’s post was created at the time of Pakistan’s independence. Since the post of Governor-General had not been abolished permanently at the beginning, Prime Minister initially did not have all executive powers. After the assassination of Pakistan’s first Prime Minister, Liaquat Ali Khan in 1951, there came seven different Prime Ministers within a period of six years and all of them were from Muslims League except Sir Feroz Khan

Pakistan Cannot be Recreated in India Even in a Film for Right-Wing Hindus

After almost a decade of terrorizing Americans with the notorious destruction of the World Trade Centre’s Twin Towers and constant threat of violence on American homeland with various suicide attacks, Osama bin Laden was bound to be a pester for any state to own his responsibility. Pakistan was unfortunate in this case too. The Saudis disowned him and the Muslims all around the world began to hate him for creating

Investigative Journalism is the Riskiest of All Works in Pakistan

With the exception of Mexico being the most dangerous country in the world due to drug warlords in the country, and North Africa and the Middle East being the most dangerous places in the world in general due to high-state of conflicts, unfortunately, Pakistan is next in the line of these dangerous places due to high security risk. For the Committee to Protect Journalists, it is numero uno. Some rank