Are we ready for a world cup without Saeed Ajmal?

Everyone has by now heard of the Saeed Ajmal ban. Yes, even my first reaction was ‘Oh! Common! Is this all that the BCCI is doing?!’ They are scared of a challenge. But then I thought, maybe there is an actual issue. There are plenty of off-spinners called for their action; even Ajmal was a few years back. No doubt this is a big blow to the Pakistan cricket team because

Saeed Anwar – the Magical Opener

One of my favorite memories growing up is the magnificent century that Saeed Anwar scored against India during the 1997 Independence Cup Semifinal. 22 stylish fours and 5 humongous sixes helped him score a near double century (194 off 146) in Chennai. At that time he had set a record for the highest individual score in ODIs overtaking the great Vivian Richard’s 189. His demolition of Indian bowlers Venkatesh Prasad

The Two Deliveries that Won Us the World Cup

Imran Khan, the Pakistani captain, builds up speed as he runs up from the Members End. He jumps, lands and delivers the ball to Richard Illingworth, number eleven on England’s batting line up. Richard swings, connects and lofts the ball, but unfortunately finds Rameez Raja strategically positioned at mid-off. This brings England’s innings to an end and earns Pakistan their one and only Cricket World Cup. The 1992 world cup

From Big three to Big Four – PCB’s Big Achievement

“The PCB had organized itself and planned to get maximum advantage for Pakistan cricket from an extremely precarious position. We have accomplished all our objectives. And I am positive that in the times to come Pakistan Cricket shall greatly benefit from what PCB has been able to obtain for it today,” said Najam Sethi, the PCB chairman, from Melbourne. A few months ago you may remember, there was a huge

Cricout – The Cricket Lovers’ Social Network

What’s better than a social network? A social network dedicated to a specific interest, where you can socialize to your heart’s content and then some, around something you just love. What is it that we love as individuals as well as a nation? If you were thinking political scandals and vain gossiping, you’re very close but not quite there. We all love cricket of course!! Cricket is one thing that

Pakistan’s Tour of Sri Lanka – Another Failed Expedition?

Although the final result of the Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka series was not very favorable, considering Pakistan didn’t win a series in any of the format (Sri Lanka won Test series 1-0, ODI 3-1 and 2-match Twenty20 series drawn 1-1), I believe there were still quite a few positives that this series has presented to us and it was not a total loss. I’m not saying that mistakes weren’t made;

The Top 5 Pakistani Batsmen of All Time

I’m sure you’ll all agree that in Pakistan it’s difficult enough to even comment on a comment on an article about cricket, let alone compiling a list of cricket’s top 5’s or 10’s. But here I am doing just that. Why? because I love living on the wild side!! :D Before I move on, let me clarify one thing: this list is in no particular order. Just as the cricket

Dissecting Pakistan selections for Sri Lanka tour

Pakistan selection committees’ announcements and public criticism have always gone side by side. Perhaps, it is more fitting to say that the former hardly gives a chance to the latter to not wag the tongues. PCB selection committee, headed by Iqbal Qasim, recently [on Thursday] announced Pakistan’s squads for Test, ODI and Twenty20I series to be played against Sri Lanka in coming dog days of June and July. As it turns out, the selectors,

Will Pakistan Premier League be Successful in Bringing Back International Cricket Home?

It happened about 35 years ago and changed the game forever.  The world of cricket owes a huge debt to Kerr y Packer for launching the World Series Cricket.  He brought the yet unknown elements like loads of money and fan-fare to bring the excitement back in the game.  Then, in 2008, Indian Premier League (IPL) did the same and more.  This new face of cricket had obscene amount of

Fazal Mahmood: The First Superstar of Pakistan Cricket

They were only four years old [in Test cricket] but they managed what no other cricket playing nation had ever done.  They beat the English in their first test series on their own soil. Pakistan has witnessed several magical moments in its cricket history (who could forget the unbelievable six by Javed Miandad in Sharjah?), but the Oval test 1954 was where the magic first happened and Fazal Mahmood was